Lazy day. Food and BTS Coca-Cola.

Didn’t do much today — went out late.

Nathalie Alvhäll Lindahl, Brenda Ramirez , Tamar Moreno and I and went to Hongdae for food (Cultwo Chicken by Cultwo F&B & Sulbing International – ซอลบิง) then zip-zagged down streets on the way home looking for various convenience stores to buy BTS Coca-Cola bottles. 7-Eleven apparently doesn’t like BTS, but 미니스톱 (Ministop Korea) is a big fan. Jeongguk and Jimin were definitely the hardest to find; Jin and J-hope were everywhere. In the end we ran home in the rain being laughed at by Koreans at 11:30 p.m. (dancing). Good times.


Seoul City Hall, the embassy, museum, and PENTAGON

Early morning at Seoul’s City Hall for a quick tour. This place is packed with things to do but it seemed rather lacking in the general populace — who it’s meant for. Garden, café, museum, you name it.

After this I figured since this is the middle of the city I’d go to a palace. Sadly, I didn’t. It was far too hot. But, I walked by the American Embassy and found my way to the Seoul Museum of Contemporary History. I learned quite a bit about the interesting and rather recent wars which plagued Korea.

By this time I was starving soooo got some good ol’ pork cutlet w/rice. Delicious back-alley food is amazing.

After this it was back to the hostel for a rest and then off to PENTAGON Unibirthday where I didn’t understand a thing yet I understood everything. Amazing and sad. They acted like E’Dawn didn’t exist and there were several times where the boys couldn’t sing their lines or were simply trying to hide their tears. Just hope it blows over soon. Poor guys. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures — but I snagged one. End: they gave us free food. Makes up for the pain… almost.


Day at Seoul Plaza

I Heart Seoul. Woke up rather late today and stayed out rather late as well. In the Myeong-dong Station saw this AugustD mixtape anniversary poster. Quite a surprise.

In Myeongdong, Nathalie Alvhäll Lindahl and I ate a ton of street food, got more BT21 stuff, went to the largest Uniqlo Korea in the world (my favorite clothing store), and a quick trip to Artbox to get the cutest phone cable in existence — Pikachu.

After this we headed on over to the Deoksugung Palace next to City Hall and walked around a bit. There’s a weird western twist to this palace as there have been a few add-ons since a fire during the Japanese Occupation.

After watching lovers hold hands at the palace, we went across the street to Seoul’s Annual Cultural Night where we watched several performances.

Lastly, we went up, passing the statue of the man who invented Hangul, to the Cheonggyecheon Stream where once again we ran into lovers — this time dipping their feet into the cool city waters.

The night ended with a mild panic to get to a subway station before 12 a.m., but we made it home in one piece. No worries.

Video of some of the performances:


Seoul beauty, another Line store and 1 Million Dance Studio!

Another great day in Seoul. Today I did a lot. Got my hair cut (hello bangs) at Soonsiki hair 순시키헤어, their Bombshell location with ma cool stylist READY. Afterwards we, Nathalie Alvhäll Lindahl, went to jajangmyeon in Hongdae @홍콩반점. Took a bit of searching and a few awkward questions in Korean to get there, but we made it.

Afterwards, I found some BTS Coca-Cola bottles at a convenience store near the LINE Store in Hongdae. Then we hopped on a subway to Itaewon and when to the LINE Friends Store Itaewon , the largest of the LINE stores. Got a t-shirt and a little sleeping mask for my mom. I’ve been to these stores way too many times. Upstairs in the Itaewon store, I got a Shooky Milkshake which happened to taste like coffee and Chips Ahoy.

Then, it was off to 1 Million Dance Studio in Gangnam where we danced to Diva by Beyoncé… it was a bit hard to follow.
Ended the day with mediocre pork sausage, though I won’t mention who made it.

Here’s the video of our 1 Million Dance Studio choreo.


Cooking at CJ’s Kitchen in Seoul

Just had an awesome cooking class at CJ’s Kitchen in Seoul where BTS have made delicious food in their very own show, “RUN!” CJ’s even gave me some free honey from Seoul plus a few photographs for the sake of memories. We made Bulgogi as well as spicy fried chicken. The staff were very nice and polite — glad I came. Squirrel in the Garden… I’ve found it.

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Photos from my trip to Seoul, South Korea, Summer 2018

After spending a week in Beijing, China, I was off to Seoul, South Korea, in summer 2018. I was able to stay for a month, and I fell in love with Seoul. It’s my favorite city. Here are a few photos from my trip.

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Photos from my trip to Beijing China, Summer 2018

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