Seoul City Hall, the embassy, museum, and PENTAGON

Early morning at Seoul’s City Hall for a quick tour. This place is packed with things to do but it seemed rather lacking in the general populace — who it’s meant for. Garden, café, museum, you name it.

After this I figured since this is the middle of the city I’d go to a palace. Sadly, I didn’t. It was far too hot. But, I walked by the American Embassy and found my way to the Seoul Museum of Contemporary History. I learned quite a bit about the interesting and rather recent wars which plagued Korea.

By this time I was starving soooo got some good ol’ pork cutlet w/rice. Delicious back-alley food is amazing.

After this it was back to the hostel for a rest and then off to PENTAGON Unibirthday where I didn’t understand a thing yet I understood everything. Amazing and sad. They acted like E’Dawn didn’t exist and there were several times where the boys couldn’t sing their lines or were simply trying to hide their tears. Just hope it blows over soon. Poor guys. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures — but I snagged one. End: they gave us free food. Makes up for the pain… almost.

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