Day at Seoul Plaza

I Heart Seoul. Woke up rather late today and stayed out rather late as well. In the Myeong-dong Station saw this AugustD mixtape anniversary poster. Quite a surprise.

In Myeongdong, Nathalie Alvhäll Lindahl and I ate a ton of street food, got more BT21 stuff, went to the largest Uniqlo Korea in the world (my favorite clothing store), and a quick trip to Artbox to get the cutest phone cable in existence — Pikachu.

After this we headed on over to the Deoksugung Palace next to City Hall and walked around a bit. There’s a weird western twist to this palace as there have been a few add-ons since a fire during the Japanese Occupation.

After watching lovers hold hands at the palace, we went across the street to Seoul’s Annual Cultural Night where we watched several performances.

Lastly, we went up, passing the statue of the man who invented Hangul, to the Cheonggyecheon Stream where once again we ran into lovers — this time dipping their feet into the cool city waters.

The night ended with a mild panic to get to a subway station before 12 a.m., but we made it home in one piece. No worries.

Video of some of the performances:

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