Seoul beauty, another Line store and 1 Million Dance Studio!

Another great day in Seoul. Today I did a lot. Got my hair cut (hello bangs) at Soonsiki hair 순시키헤어, their Bombshell location with ma cool stylist READY. Afterwards we, Nathalie Alvhäll Lindahl, went to jajangmyeon in Hongdae @홍콩반점. Took a bit of searching and a few awkward questions in Korean to get there, but we made it.

Afterwards, I found some BTS Coca-Cola bottles at a convenience store near the LINE Store in Hongdae. Then we hopped on a subway to Itaewon and when to the LINE Friends Store Itaewon , the largest of the LINE stores. Got a t-shirt and a little sleeping mask for my mom. I’ve been to these stores way too many times. Upstairs in the Itaewon store, I got a Shooky Milkshake which happened to taste like coffee and Chips Ahoy.

Then, it was off to 1 Million Dance Studio in Gangnam where we danced to Diva by Beyoncé… it was a bit hard to follow.
Ended the day with mediocre pork sausage, though I won’t mention who made it.

Here’s the video of our 1 Million Dance Studio choreo.

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